Armageddon City

LDG is still hard at work on its first game. Here's a little teaser to tide you over while we finish it:

In most games, you are given tasks: you have a quest or a mission to accomplish, and you go off to do it. Sometimes, they're tasks for NPCs, and other times, they're story-based. But what if it went the other way?

What would you do to get things done right? What would your rewards be? How would you care for the adventurers you send out?

How would you get what you need to reward your heroes? Who would you bring to your side, as aides and assistants? How would you arrange an advantage for yourself?

Want to find out?

Enter Armageddon City. Build your city. Earn the loyalty of your people. Train brave heroes, and send them on dangerous missions. You'd better do a good job; it's not called "Armageddon City" because that sounds nice.

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